Living without GMO’s

Ever wanted to know what contains GMO’s? Ever want to know what you REALLY eat? On my quest to get out of the GMO “world” I realize it is an endless cycle!

I buy organic beef, but you wanna know something? The grain they are possibly feeding my precious “ribeye” is GMO feedI

Then think about it….You decide to go NO GMO, yet millions of millions of AMERICAN people go out of work. What would this country do? We NEED TO STAND UP, but we cannot do it all at once, otherwise we would be in a Epidemic (although, all my prepping would pay off!)

We need to inform people of what products they are getting ready to feed their families before they buy! And if you say, “I eat healthy, and my doctor says I am Im very healthy, so why should I ever think about spending more for lettuce” Well, the doctor cannot predict whats going on with your body 10 years from now, and GMO’s are a horrible intake for your body! Do some research-I will not do this for you, I am not being bias!!! And if you are too lazy, shame on you!

Here is a  great website that tells you how to read ingredients, tells you what to look for and what not to buy!!!

The page is called, Label It Yourself. check them out, you may be suprised o

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