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Twenty-two years ago, Nutri-Health launched its proprietary multi-strain probiotic blend, Flora Source®. Today, Flora Source is still the premium multiple-strain, temperature stable, probiotic for potency and effectiveness. Nutri-Health is also known for its high-quality digestive enzymes, as well as targeted nutritional supplements which utilize the purest natural ingredients.

Our Product Development team carefully selects the best combination of probiotic strains to address whole body health as well as specific lifestyles. The Nutri-Health brand is a trusted source of high-quality probiotics. We offer a specialized, cohesive product line to address the preventative and therapeutic wellness needs of today’s health-savvy consumers.

Forces of Nature offers the only line of Over-the-Counter Organic Medicine that is both USDA Certified Organic and an FDA Registered homeopathic drug.

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VitalMax Vitamins was first established in 1995 as a direct mail company. But as online shopping gained popularity, the company added on to their direct mail focus and began to utilize affiliate marketing. The Vitalmax business plan is rooted in the production of high-quality, comprehensive formulas, not typically found on retail shelves. This gives publishers a great potential to earn high commission on products that demand higher prices than those sold in ordinary vitamin discount stores.

Because we’ve partnered with medical doctors and scientists, Vitalmax Vitamins has been able to develop formulas that are on the cutting-edge of nutrition. Every product is manufactured in GMP and FDA approved labs. Vitalmax is proud to bring breakthrough natural solutions to the market for today’s most pressing health and nutritional problems.

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